Provider Based Billing

For locations designated as Outpatient Departments of Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, new patient billing processes will apply. This new process, called Provider Based Billing, means that care provided at one of MBMCs outpatient departments will result in a facility charge as well as professional charge for outpatient services and/or procedures. These will be reflected on the billing statements patients receive for services provided.

Depending on a patient’s specific insurance coverage, it is possible that some patients may pay more for these services and procedures. Patients are advised to review insurance benefits or contact insurance providers to determine what their policy will cover and identify any out-of-pocket expenses. Baptist is not unique in this regard as this is the case in many integrated healthcare delivery systems across the country.

How Does This Affect Me? Answers to Patient Questions

Q: How does this affect me, specifically my bills for service?

A: Under this model, you may receive more than one bill for services provided within a clinic. One bill will be for the facility fee/services provided by MBMC and the other will reflect the professional consultation/services provided by your physician.

Q: Why has the billing practice for these locations changed?

A: MBMC employs many health care providers and must follow the required medical center billing processes. This type of billing process ensures more appropriate payment for services provided by medical center staff and providers and distinguishes those services as a department of MBMC.

Q: Does this mean I will have to pay more for services?

A: Depending on your particular insurance coverage, it is possible you may pay more for certain outpatient services. We recommend you review your insurance benefits or contact your insurance provider to determine what your policy will pay and what out-of-pocket expenses may incur.

Q: What clinics are MBMC outpatient departments?

A: Baptist Heart, Baptist Premier, Baptist Gynecologic Oncology, Baptist Thoracic Surgery and Baptist Neurosciences.

Q: Does this affect my co-pays or deductibles?

A: Depending on your specific insurance benefits, additional out-of-pocket expenses may be incurred.

Q: Where can I call with billing questions or concerns?

A: If you have questions or concerns when you receive your billing statement, please contact 877-348-1281. The charity care policy is available here.

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