On Demand Visits

On demand primary care when you need it

Baptist OneCare© MyChart now offers on-demand video visits at several Baptist Medical Group clinics, making it even easier to get care when you don’t feel well. Through on-demand video visits, you can be treated for several conditions without leaving your home or workplace.

The service provides a benefit to those patients needing medical care, but are social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Patients can reach health care providers at our clinics in several ways, including on-demand video visits, e-visits or telephone consultation. To secure a virtual appointment, patients can call their Baptist Medical Group physician or call FastPass at 855-SEE-U-TODAY. When a patient calls, a Baptist representative will recommend the method that’s best for that individual.

During a time when patients are being urged to maintain social distancing and limit travel, the Baptist telehealth options allow individuals to reach their doctor to discuss a need or health care issue. It may be as simple as talking to the doctor over the phone or arranging a video consultation via internet connection.

If you have a computer, smartphone or tablet, you can use this new service for COVID-19 concerns as well as the below conditions:

  • Nausea
  • Allergies
  • Sinus problems
  • Bronchitis/cough
  • Cold/flu symptoms
  • Insect bites
  • Fever
  • Acne
  • Diarrhea
  • Rash
  • Pink eye
  • Sore throat
  • Painful/frequent urination
  • Constipation

If you are a patient at one of the following Baptist Medical Group clinics and you have a MyChart account, you can access on-demand video visits as follows:

Using the app, log into the app and click on “Video Visit”.

Using a computer:

  1. Log on to your account at mychart.baptistonecare.org.
  2. Go to the “Quick Links” section on the right side of the home page.
  3. Choose “Video Visit.”

Don’t have a MyChart account? Click here,(This should link to https://mychart.baptistonecare.org/PRD/Authentication/Login?action=logout) or search for “MyChart” in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

For questions, please call FastPass at 1-855-SEE-U-TODAY (855-733-8863).

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